I have begun to put messages in my window, here is the first one. A question I ask myself and everyone else. Putting up messages in window seems like an interesting exercise, with windows could be used as a site to communicate. Continue reading

This fat lady was the subject of discussion today during ‘Angels and Demons. There were questions mainly about, the mask like, unreadable expressions, the color of the background, described as “jarring’ yellow, dominating over the figure. The figure was said to create a  sense of alarm. There was discussion about the how the figure was … Continue reading

Non identical self portraiture seems a likely solution to convey the state of self. I could be treading on to a treacherous territory with “body issues” and “feminist” perspectives as seemingly themes here. However, this is what I see when I look in the mirror most days. It could be my need to eat since … Continue reading

The first drawings of this semester, self portraitures that mark a full circle. 7 years ago I painted a lot of self portraitures, then explored other representational methods- mythical animals with figures, emulsion dripping into abstract forms, beasts painted on vintage ceramics. Now I struggle to describe what it is like not to shop for 365 days … Continue reading

LB hangover

  Today was an ultimate treat as I got to attend Louise Bourgeois symposium at National Scottish Galleries, Modern 1. The symposium some of the art curators and other authorities who  had had a chance to work with LB in her living time and they presented papers on her. We started the day with seeing the … Continue reading LB hangover