Freak shows, side shows, fat women and monkey women, pig circus, these seem to be things of past. . Why go to freak shows, go to a January sale, it might well be the same. Carnival as opposed to be a periodical event, a situational occurrence  seems to have become a permanent state of mind. Continue reading

 Flemish Satirical Diptych, c.1520     Carnivalesque: a theory explained by Bakhtin as a mode of subversion in literature. The term was referred to me earlier, I find it extremely relevant to my research on consumerism and the no shopping project. The excessive consumption, the fasting, the subversion of social hierarchies, the grotesque and the humor, … Continue reading

Artist collaborations can be tricky simply for the delicate balance that has to be achieved between the overlapping of two practices without loosing their individual voices. This semester, Freddie Thomas and I made an attempt at the same through our exhibition for project space. Consumerism and education, the core subjects of our works are not very far … Continue reading

This drawing was the subject of discussion in yesterday’s group crit. There were questions about the colour of the back ground, the meditative pose, another mention of George Condo, the absence of a seat, and so on. The back ground color serves well as a flesh tone for a self portraiture. I had been speculating … Continue reading

George Condo, referred to me twice, and I can see why. Distorted, exaggerated body proportions, comical mask like faces, figures playing characters. I love the drama. Life is  such a circus in his pictures, and I could not agree more with his view point. The challenge is how to stay inspired and avoid repetition, of … Continue reading